Main Objectives of the Sub-Platform

The Joining Sub-platform has set an obligation for openness and transparency for all its activities, and to involve and represent a broad range of European-wide stakeholders. Therefore, a commitment to maintaining a long-term vision will be acclaimed through progressive routes and by continuous engagement with stakeholders

  • Support the European 2020 Strategy in addressing the grand challenges
  • Catalogue the key priorities for research and innovation in Joining through the creation of a Strategic Research Agenda, and ensure this is aligned to the agenda on a European, industrial and academic level.
  • Ensure that the Joining topic receives the appropriate amount of support given its importance within manufacturing.
  • Characterise the challenges that are faced across the manufacturing industry and identify opportunities for accelerating the exploitation of Joining.
  • Compliment the step-change research and innovation developments identified by the ‘Manufuture’ technology platform.
  • Develop industrial commitment in Joining through engagement initiatives through targeted interaction with companies from a variety of industry sectors.
  • Collaborate with Factories of the Future Private and Public Partnership (EFFRA, 2012).
  • Recognise and provide action towards reacting to the structural changes that will evolve across Europe resulting from global megatrends.
  • Evolve the perception of Joining to be recognised as a core element of competitive, innovative and sustainable production.
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